Energy Beauty Bar Test and Experiences October 2017

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The Energy Beauty Bar is intended as a skin care that takes place without applying a care product to the skin. The bar has an effect that supports anti-aging. According to the manufacturer, the product should result in wrinkles being smoothed out, facial contours being tightened at the same time and acne and the resulting acne scars being eliminated. The device has an effect of cleansing the skin and increases blood circulation. Toxins are removed from the skin, which in turn reduces swelling. The bar is used to significantly slow down the aging process of the skin.

The device is suitable for use by men and women. Regeneration and improvement of the skin quality can take place on the whole body. Allergies, as with some care products, are not to be feared when using the bar. In addition, operation is very simple and the device is compact in the hand. The development of the bar is based on a Japanese technology that has been further developed. It is very pleasant that the bar can be used permanently and only a one-off purchase is necessary, which proves to be very cost-saving in the long term compared to the constant purchase of new special care products.

According to the manufacturer, expensive beauty products and costly treatments in the beauty salon should be dispensed with if the Energy Beauty Bar is used. The new and unique device can replace these applications according to the manufacturer's instructions. The effect is based on microcurrents that pass through the upper layers of the skin, improving blood circulation and eliminating toxins. This in turn leads to a smoothing of the wrinkles, a tightening of the facial contours and a long-lasting even complexion. According to the manufacturer, nine out of 10 experts recommend using the device to improve skin quality.

The Bar

The bar's effect is achieved solely by the use of microcurrents. This means that users no longer have to rely on different beauty products to either reduce acne and skin impurities or use anti-aging care products to stop skin aging and reduce and smooth wrinkles. No separate purchase of products to smooth acne scars is required. All these effects the bar does in one. The use of microcurrents stimulates the blood circulation of the skin and thus improves the skin quality in many ways. The bar can be used not only on the face but also on the entire body, replacing body care products that are supposed to reduce or eliminate skin problems.

The bar can be used by both women and men to improve the skin quality with microcurrents only. The product is aimed at users who suffer from acne, skin impurities and acne scars, which often result from the skin disease permanently. The product is also aimed at users who want to reduce skin ageing. In addition, users can benefit from the product if they already suffer from wrinkles and want to smooth them out again. The bar is particularly interesting for users who prefer to invest in a bar on a one-off basis and would like to refrain from purchasing expensive care products and treatments in the beauty salon on a permanent basis. All age groups of women and men are addressed with the product, who want to improve the skin quality in some way.

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How does the Energy Beauty Bar work?

The bar's effect is based on the use of electricity by stimulating blood circulation in the skin. The bar works without the use of additional beauty products. The bar's effect on the improvement of skin quality is due to the fact that micro currents are introduced into the skin by means of the bar and cause a slight irritation. However, this is not perceived as unpleasant by the user. The manufacturer promises that the bar will support anti-aging, that skin cleansing is promoted by the removal of toxins from the skin and that the bar will also be effective against acne, skin impurities and acne scars. This improves skin quality, smoothes the skin and stimulates blood circulation, which in turn improves the appearance of the skin. The bar can be used permanently and it is not necessary to constantly invest in new care products and treatments in the beauty salon.

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